Features of our strategy

July 11, 2016

Trends exists everywhere and in all the fields, Whether fashion, education, business and markets too, we all are in search of trends and ride them as far as they can go.Trends goes upwards and downwards too, they begin and end up easily without any specific expiry.Market trends can never be predicted,We can just react to them and follow them.Trend following never anticipates the beginning or end of a trend, It only acts when the trend changes.Trends are made to accept not to understand.

bullet_ball_glass_blueThe Big Money of Letting Profits Run

Our strategy aims to make the big returns, not generate conventional savings returns.We positively seek opportunities to make huge money in up as well as down markets.
As we firmly believe and experienced that its not the position of the market that matters but what matters is timing to grab trades perfectly. Our strategy has an inbuilt unique ability to patiently wait for ‘targets of opportunity.’which inturn upshots with unpredictable surprises with steady gains.
This means ‘outlier’ events (unpredictable surprises like the 2008 market crash) can make you huge money.

bullet_ball_glass_blueTakes Advantage of Mass Psychology

Markets keep changing and traders keep on reacting accordingly,soon the reactional behaviour turns up into a panicky sheep behavior to make money. At foster capital we don’t get biased by the behavior ,rather our strict discipline keeps us on the track of opportunities to make money. Many a times, the behavior of a trader gets driven by the impulsive moment of now, which results in covering up the small profit positions but not is the same when it comes to losses,this is the loop hole which leads to failure.

We follow trends not people and thus gains follow us.

bullet_ball_glass_blueScientific Approach to Trading

It doesn’t require a belief, but a perspective to rely on unwavering principles proven over decades.The strategy is based on numerically deep rooted rules, to make money by holding patience and think process, not outcome each time.

As the, frequency of correctness does not matter, the magnitude of correctness matters. ‘Winning percentage’ means zilch gets calculated by the magnitude of correctness.

The strategy avoids the need of hours of staring at screen,rather gives stressfree gains &
Approach to trade like an engineer.

bullet_ball_glass_blueStrong Historical Performance in Crisis Periods

It prepares for the worst at all times. The strategy is adaptable to favourable and unfavourable trading conditions that is, it performs best during periods of rising volatility and uncertainty as well. Taking positions, like a Lion waiting to strike wounded prey, is very patient,patience here is the key to wind up/twist the periods of crisis into periods of opportunities.Foster capitals historical performance replicates this.

We positively believe that Opportunity knocks at each moment and we grab it as well,
we serve profits,Profits on your plates.

bullet_ball_glass_blueRisk Management is Top Priority:

It always has defined exit protocols to control ‘injury’ to your account. Stop losses and proper leverage usage are standard practice. It eliminates exposure to groupthink and toxic assets. Eliminating exposure is a winning move whereas hedging can actually increase your exposure. Our strategy works as protection , when bubbles pop and everyone starts running for cover.

bullet_ball_glass_blueProfit in Up and Down Markets:

It doesn’t swear an allegiance to a bull or bear market. It follows trends to the end. No matter how ridiculous trends might appear early and no matter how insanely extended they might appear at the end, follow trends anyhow. Why? Because they always go further than anyone expects. So accept the behavior of the trend and follow for expectable gains.

bullet_ball_glass_blue No More Buy and Hold, Analysts or News:

The decision-making doesn’t involve guesses, ‘gut’ feels or hunches. It’s not day trading or buy and hold situation or 24hr news tracking which traps with the balloon of hope.,Hope as we know is the most addictive drug .It doesn’t involve in and out trading or fundamental analysis.